You will notice on our site a section titled "survivors". We avoid the term "victims". The recovery from the devestating effects of electroconvulsive therapy is a lifelong emergence from feelings being "damaged goods". Survivors that step forward to speak to the world about this archaic procedure can turn their experience into validation for fellow sufferers and are becoming a powerful force toward ending this primitive practice.

We are facing up to powerful forces who justify their actions on disinformation. The truth must be told. There is no one better qualified to speak about the real effects of shock, and no stories more moving than those told by ones who have been coherced into these brain damaging treatments.

In the months to come, your story may help prevent someone's life from being destroyed. You might save our elderly from this greed driven practice.

Your story, with your permission, may be useful in any of several ways of your choosing.

1. Survivor stories posted on this site

2. Testimonies in possible hearings should we come to legal proceedings

3. Speeches at events or demonstrations

4. Interviews on radio or television

We know the difficulties that some will face in coming forward and treat your situations with the utmost respect, compassion and confidence.

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You may make contact by calling Jim Moore or Lee Spiller at CCHR. Dial 1-800-572-2905 or Email Jim by clicking on the link here to join our effort.

Thank you