Stop Electroshock in Austin, Texas
(Chronicles of CAEST action with Seton Shoal Creek Hospital)

This page chronicles the initial action of our Coalition for the Abolition of Electroshock in Texas (CAEST). Our intention is to stop ECT in Austin, Texas, beginning with Seton Shoal Creek Hospital, which electroshocked 163 people between September 2003 and August 2004.

Fall 2005, Coalition Formed
The Coalition consists of electroshock survivors, mental health professionals, doctors, lawyers, and other activists interested in stopping electroshock.

12-8-05 Initial letter (hotlink) sent by mail to all members and faxed to central office of the corporate board of the Daughters of Charity Health Services of Austin; Seton Shoal Creek is one of their hospitals.

12-27-05 Call to Board office; referred to Judith Lewis as contact person. Re-faxed letter to her.

1-5-06 Called Judith Lewis; was assured that the letter had been placed in the hands of the right person.

1-13-06 Called Judith Lewis; referred to Seton General Counsel, Mike Regier; left message for Mr. Regier.

1-19-06 Sent certified letter (hotlink), return receipt requested to Daughters of Charity Board President and CEO, Charles Barnett. This letter marks the beginning of our public campaign, as it is cc'ed to a number of politicians and reporters.

1-23-06 Letter to editor of Austin Chronicle, about ECT and local musicians (hotlink)

2-1-06 Letter from CAEST medical adviser Moira Dolan, MD, to Daughters of Charity CEO Charles Barnett, with attachment on "ECT Safety Issues." (hotlink)

2-9-06 Received letter from Shoal Creek medical director, Dr. Paul Whitelock. (hotlink)

2-9-06 Received short letter of acknowledgment from Sister Helen Brewer, Chair, Seton Board of Trustees.

2-10-06 Sent brief response thanking Sister Brewer for referral to Dr. Whitelock, and letting her know we would also like to meet with her. Also arranged meeting for February 15th with Dr. Whitelock."

2-15-06 meeting with Dr. Paul Whiltelock, Seton Shoal Creek Medical Director (hotlink)

2-16-06 Sent followup letter to Sister Helen Brewer, briefly commenting on the meeting with Dr. Whitelock, and requesting a meeting with her.

2-24-06 Followup call to Sister Helen Brewer. Left message.

3-1-06 Followup call to Sister Brewer. Her assistant, Judith Lewis, referred me to MIchael Regier, Vice President of Legal Affairs, and I left him a message.

3-2-06 Received letter from Sister Helen Brewer (hotlink)

3-3-06 conversation with Michael Regier, VP legal affairs, Seton Network (hotlink)

3-6-06 Letter to Sister Helen Brewer (hotlink)

3-7-06 Dr. Dolan letter on ECT efficacy sent to Charles Barnett, Seton CEO ( hotlink)

3-10-06 Letter to Seton Shoal Creek Board of Trustees from CAEST legal adviser, S. Randolph Kretchmar. (hotlink)

4-4-06 Email to Patricia Young Brown, CPA, President and CEO, Travis County Hospital District. (hotlink) Note that the TCHD communications liaison called CAEST on 4-5-06 and informed us that they had called Seton to discuss the issue.

4-5-06 Response from Travis County Hospital District. (hotlink)

4-6-6 Letter from Sister Helen Brewer, Chair, Seton Board of Trustees (hotlink)

4-17-06 Rally Annoucement Poster (hotlink)

4-19-06 Meeting with City Councilmember Betty Dunkerley (hotlink)

4-24-06 Flyer (Detailed) for 4-24-06 Electroshock Rally (hotlink)

4-25-06 Summary of Seton Shoal Creek Rally (hotlink)

5-02-06 Letter to Sister Helen Brewer (hotlink)

6-28-06 Summary of CAEST Electroshock Protest Rally at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital
Our second protest event at Seton Shoal Creek was a rousing .....(hotlink)

6/29/06 Daily Texan article on 2nd rally (hotlink)

7/3/06 Dr. Breeding letter to the editor in response to Daily Texan article (hotlink)

7/3/06 Letter from Seton board chair Sister Helen Brewer (hotlink)

7/10/06 Reply to Sister Helen Brewer (hotlink)

7/07/06 Austin Chronicle article on rally (hotlink)

7/12/06 Letter to Mary Anne Dale, Electroshock Program Coordinator (hotlink)

7/14/06 Letters to the editor Austin Chronicle (hotlink)

11/1/06 Press release on Seton Shoal Creek ECT rally (hotlink)

11/1/06 Rally Summary (hotlink)

1/2/07 Letter to Sister Helen Brewer (hotlink) and referenced article about Sackheim (hotlink)

3/18/07 Leonard Frank to speak at Brave New Books, Austin Tx (hotlink)

2-1-07 letter to Dr. Andrew Weil (hotlink)

3-14-07 Texas House Resolution 601 on the 5th Annual Roky Erickson Ice Cream Social/Rock to Ban Shock Concert (hotlink)

3-15-07 Report onThe 5th Annual Roky Erickson Psychedelic Ice Cream Social: (hotlink)

4-3-07 City Council Press Release (hotlink)

4-3-07 Report on the City Council hearing on shock treatment  (hotlink)

5-15-07 Report on Austin City Council meeting  (hotlink)

5-15-07 Followup email to the City Council  (hotlink)

6-29-07 Recent Electroshock Trends at Seton Shoal Creek Hospital   (hotlink)

7-03-07 CCHR Texas News - Anti-Shock Coalition Gets Results   (hotlink)